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Check-in, Dispatch Load Sheet & Manifest

Yellow Wings recently incorporated into its system of operation a CDLM ~ Check-in, Dispatch Load Sheet & Manifest ~ program aimed at electronically producing a final spread sheet indicating the checked-in passengers, their accompanying luggage and weights as well as the respective routes. This document is instantly available electronically to all relevant personnel dealing with your flight. This overall has increased the efficiency in operation and drastically reduces the time from your check-in to your take-off .


New Uniforms

Yellow Wings also took a new line of uniform for both its air-crew and ground-crew in a recent general upgrade of the company. This move was in line with the recent relocating to our more spacious offices still located within Lengai House at Wilson Airport, Nairobi.


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Check-in and Lounge

image1-1 image2-1The opening of a check-in desk with a mini lounge area at our new offices, still located at Lengai House, Wilson Airport, Nairobi. This allows our passengers to enjoy a cup of coffee while their luggage is checked-in. Passengers will also enjoy a Wi-FI connection as they await their flights as we understand many of you need to keep in constant contact worldwide. In addition, the Pink Skink Gift Shop, at the same location, offers lots of enviable items.

New Cessna Caravan 5Y-YWA

Our factory new Cessna Caravan 5Y-YWA has entered commercial service. Passengers and pilots are very exited! With our 2 new Caravans we will be operating the youngest turbine fleet in East Africa with the latest technology and capability.

New Iridium Satellite phones

Our planes are now equipped with Iridium Satellite phones. You as a passenger can use it at any given time should we land somewhere where you have no GSM coverage. The first 3 min’s will be free of charge. Please indicate if you would like to make use of this when you book a flight. We are happy to keep you connected, even when you are far away.